About us

Montelona Cine

Montevideo, UY

Montelona is a company focused on generating audiovisual works that have something to say and an interesting point of view. It’s located in Montevideo, Uruguay, and it’s run for Isabel García and Pancho Magnou Arnábal.

The company works with conviction and dedication the projects in which it is involved, considering each film as a unique teamwork experience. With particular care in the processes that lead to an original work, we intend to create films that make us feel and make sense.


Pancho Magnou Arnábal

Pancho Magnou Arnábal studied sociology in the University of the Republic. He took part in the management and design of different programs and investigations in the cultural area. He made an incursion in the audiovisual field with a short film. He studies in both national and international courses and workshops and he teaches Executive Production classes in the Uruguayan Cinema School.

Isabel García

Isabel García has a degree in Communication Sciences from the University of the Republic and graduated as an Audiovisual Production Technician from ORT University. She worked in the communication area and management of different artistic and cultural projects from national programs and institutions. Since 2008 she has been exclusively working in the audiovisual area.


Federico Borgia Y Guillermo Madeiro

Federico Borgia and Guillermo Madeiro (Montevideo, 1982 and 1984) have a degree in Social Communication and teach production and staging respectively.

Borgia and Madeiro work together as a cinema direction pair since the year 2005.

Their first movie Clever (2015) premiered worldwide in the International Cinema Festival of Busan and went to 30 international festivals, among them: Warsaw, Stockholm, Chicago International and La Habana. The movie won 14 international awards between Argentina, Cuba, Brazil, Switzerland and Spain. In Uruguay, the Cinema Critics Association awarded it as Best National Movie in 2016, as well as being chosen to represent the country in the Goya and Ariel Awards in 2017.

Their second film, El campeón del mundo, is a documentary and is in the postproduction stage; it received the production fund from ICAU 2017, the postproduction Montevideo Socio Audiovisual award 2018 and three awards in the Montevideo Doc 2017: IDFA, DOCSMX and Señal Colombia.


Lucía Garibaldi

Lucía Garibaldi graduated from the Cinema School in Uruguay. She wrote the script and directed the fictional short films Colchones (2010) and Mojarra (2012), she obtained awards both nationally and internationally in different festivals.

Since 2016 she works with Montelona in their first film as director and script writer: The Sharks. With this project, she took part in the Labortorio Tres Puertos Cine, 2016; the production laboratory Puentes Eave 2017, Los Tiburones; the Laboratorio BAL 2017 and she received the tutoring of the script writer Inés Bortagaray. In 2017, Los Tiburones received the Uruguayan awards for the production from the Fondo de Fomento ICAU and the FONA award. In March 2018 it was filmed and in September of the same year obtained the Premio de la Industria and the Premio Film Factory de Cine en Construcción del 66 or San Sebastián Festival.


Sofía Betarte

Sofía Betarte was born in Sweden in 1982, in a Colombian-Uruguayan family. She spent part of her childhood in Stockholm and returned with her family to settle down in the small town of San José de Mayo in Uruguay. She travelled back and forth between Stockholm and Montevideo during her youth. She studied Audiovisual Communications in Montevideo and later continued her studies at the EICTV of San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba.

She works as a freelancer and is currently wrapping her debut film, the feature documentary “By the yoke”, which earned her the recognition of the ICAU 2014 Production Fund and the Montevideo Socio Audiovisual 2016. The film was also selected to be included in DocMontevideo´s 2017 Documentary Week.