Santiago (28) still lives with his mother and has no work or real projects. To feel independent, during the winter, he decides to move to her family’s summer house in a seaside resort. His human ties in this desert place will be reduced to his neighbor, a father of a family obsessed with insecurity, and to the bicycle rider in the area, an alcoholic who wears a homemade nunchaku and demands his friendship. A black comedy with elements of suspense tells a story about casual ties that explode in a context of loneliness and boredom.

Screenplay: Federico Borgia, Rodrigo Gils, Ramiro González, Guillermo Madeiro y Carlos Schulkin

Direction: Federico Borgia y Guillermo Madeiro
Cast: Carlos Schulkin, Hugo Piccinini, Rodrigo Gils, Sabrina Lalinde y Federico Romero
Direction Assistance: Rodrigo Gils

Script: María Angélica Gil
Cinematography: Ramiro González
Gaffer: Fernando Calvete y Jimena Romero

Light Department: Enrique Álvarez, Federico Brum y Marcelino Villaveiran

Art Department: Federico Borgia y Guillermo Madeiro
Wardrobe & Make Up: Lucía Aljas y María Noel de La Paz
Choreographer of combat: Christian Zagía

Direct Sound: Santiago Bednarik e Ismael Varela
Postproduction Sound: Santiago Bednarik
Music: Ismael Varela

Editing: Federico Borgia, Ramiro González y Guillermo Madeiro
Image Postproduction: Ramiro González
Color: Daniel Márquez
Graphic Design: Federico Anastasiadis

Production Managment: Federico Borgia y Pancho Magnou Arnábal
Production Assistance: Rodrigo Callaba y Dahyana Posada
Associated producers: Juan Ignacio Fernández y CORAL CINE