Tracción a sangre / By the yoke



The documentary presents two families of waste sorters living in Montevideo, who are trying to get ahead after having lost their working tools: their horses.

While Daniel and Matías try, with the help of their union, to get their recently seized horse back, Marcelo and Alicia are trying to get a vehicle of their own so they can return the workhorse they have borrowed.
Having been cast out to the outskirts of Montevideo, we get to meet these endearing people in the privacy of their own homes and through their daily struggles. They gracefully get through bearing a very unfavorable reality, with great optimism and perseverance.

Director: Sofía Betarte
Production: Sofía Betarte y Pancho Magnou Arnábal
Executive Production: Pancho Magnou Arnábal
Camera: Sofía Betarte, Rafael Hernández e Ignacio Zeballos
Direct Sound: Juan Pablo Verde y Maximiliano Martínez
Production Managers: Isabel García y Sofía Betarte
Editing: Rafael Callorda
Sound Design & Music: Daniel Yafalian
Postproduction & Sound Mix: Daniel Yafalian
Image Postproduction: Ramiro González Pampillón
Graphic Design: Guillermina Oten y Lucía Riera
Communication: Caro Curbelo
Press: Rabelo prensa + comunicación